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Creativity + technology for creating videos

Instanteaser produces high-impact customized videos in motion design at scale, 

through a streamlined and performance-oriented process. 

Request multiple versions of videos, deliver segmented messages and perform more tests through a streamlined process.

Simplify creative management

Track the status of your videos, integrate your media platforms and manage your projects efficiently.

Process + Technology

Request different versions through the Dashboard and scale the production according to your demands


Send information and assets for the video production through our online briefing


Receive a customized video for your brand and request adjustments through the platform

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Digital-first videos

We are impacted by a massive volume of content through multiple channels on a daily basis, posing a huge challenge for brands to stand out in the digital environment.

Instanteaser was born to face these challenges, producing customized motion design videos, up to 

30 seconds long, with specific performance-oriented versions for each platform.

Trained, trusted, and approved creative partner for YouTube video ads

Creative efficiency

In a world where we have less and less time and a growing volume of demands, it’s essential to have an optimized creative process.

Focused on increasing productivity and reducing costs, we developed an agile method to send briefings 100% online.

We create the videos with your brand's existing assets and our artificial intelligence helps you select the best soundtrack.

Multiple versions

In order to impact your audiences, the message must be extremely specific and segmented.

We produce multiple versions for your videos, enabling various formats, customization at scale in an intuitive and dynamic process.

Focus on your KPIs

Creatives are a fundamental part of online campaigns, and they must be developed in line with the brand's objectives.

We create videos and multiple versions to serve the entire buying journey, always working side by side with our customers to deliver the best creative performance possible.


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People in more than 500 amazing companies around the world use Instanteaser

-62% CPL

Facebook campaigns

"Creation that generates results! With Instanteaser we were able to expand our production capacity with videos that have helped significantly in our results."

Guilherme Brandão, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Trained, trusted, and approved creative partner for YouTube video ads

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